Common characteristics to all products

*Vacuum varnishings; dry-type or oil immersed
* Aluminium or copper winding
* Cooling: natural air (AN) ; forced air  (AF); water cooling  (WF); air to water exchanger (AFWF); oil immersed (ONAN); or forced oil (OFWF)
* Electrical protection box: without (IP 00) ; waterproof protection box (IP 55)
* Weight: up to 12 ton


* Three phase transformers / single phase transformers/ Auto-transformers/ transformers with integrated chokes
* Power range: from 100 VA to 3 MVA
* All types of phase difference
* Voltage < = 36 KV (up to 100 KV for no standard and oil insulation)

Chokes :

* Three phase / single phase
* Direct current / alternative current
*Special chokes: air coil;
* Power range:
       direct current LI2 < 10000 J
       alternative current: Q < 2000 < KVAR

News Agecelec

Agecelec Industrie will move its location during Summer time to be close by its sister company C2EI.

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Agecelec Industrie was nominated for Entrepreneurship Oscars ....

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